Where it all began?

The Local Grill over the past 11 years identified a need to get the consumer more involved in the “beef space”.

This resulted in the first Ultimate Beef Show, which proved to be an overwhelming success, supported by beef farmers, media, FNB Private Clients, a long list of sponsors (attached), consumers and beef producers.

Our objective: “First ever” BREED BEEF CHALLENGE, tasting the official beef breeds of South Africa.

With over 24 breeds having been identified, we embarked on a nationwide search to find farmers who wished to showcase their beef at a consumer driven vertical tasting.

The “steakholders” were all committed and in record time we secured the breeders associations and had the support from farmers and beef producers alike.

The Ultimate Beef Challenge has been driven this year by the Beef Club at monthly lunches that showcase different breeds – ensuring constant hype around the breeds that then culminate at the Ultimate Beef Show.

The Ultimate Beef Club lunches have grown from 12 founding members in January to over 170 in only 6 months. The Monday “Beef it up” lunches encourage farmers, beef producers, chefs, restaurateurs and beef connoisseurs to exchange bovine information and network.

 On this beef journey we have discovered new cuts, breeds, cooking methods, attended workshops on sustainability and took part in panel discussions with beef industry players and above all, learned more about the bovine.

 We feel that our local beef is of the best in the world. International guests in our restaurants comment regularly that it is by far the best steak they have ever eaten. 

Let’s stand together and focus on producing, selling, promoting and bringing the best beef to the table.

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Congratulations to the 2013 Ultimate Beef Challenge Winner – WAGU!


Ultimate Beef Show – 10 November 2013 – Hyde Park Corner Gallery