The Local Grill


  • Grain and grass fed beef offered, sourced directly from the farm
  • Beef aged on the premises – dry or wet aged
  • Field to fork principles followed Africa Casinos
  • Strict immediate exchange policy
  • Demonstration test kitchen and beef courses offered (Parktown North)
  • Kitchen tours available (Parktown North)
  • Private wine room (Parktown North)
  • Ultimate Beef Club Bitcoin Casino SA
  • Owners of the Ultimate Beef Show
  • All Local Grill employees visit the farms regularly

A Tradition

The concept of The Local Grill is reminiscent of ‘the local butcher’ – in an era when service was a personal pleasure, and not a “job”; knowing your customer’s preference was a privilege; meat was cut to order online casino list at, and the atmosphere was relaxed and an unpretentious around-the- corner ‘pop in’. A local once described The Local Grill as “sausages wrapped in brown paper”.

The Decor

In keeping with the food concept, the décor of The Local Grill outlets is clean and simple lines, bovine artworks, wooden floors and a blackboard displaying the days aged.

The Cuisine

The menu is unadorned and the emphasis is on natural, “field to fork”, wholesome and preservative-free ingredients. The beef is aged on the premises, and diners are informed of the length of the ageing process – via display on the blackboard. The beef is cut to order, rubbed (steaks are seasoned with a blend of freeze dried herbs and spices) and finally brushed with salted butter while grilling. This method allows for the perfect infusion of flavours between steak and rub.