greenfields home 

Greenfields Farm is just outside the town of Mooi River, in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. It is on this 1400 hectare farm that Adam and Kethro farm free-range, grass-fed beef. The herd of approximately 850 animals is a mixture of Boerveide and Angus breeds. These cows give us the best, most tender and flavoursome meat. The cows are free to raom the pastures of veldt, rye grass and kikuyu, and drink the cool water of the Mooi River, which runs through the farm.


We do not feed our cattle and feed grade antibiotics, or given them any growth promoting hormones. Although our farm is not organic, we make our own compost to feed the lands and soil health and grass production are as important to us as the cattle that graze the lands.


We produce only as much beef as our farmland can sustain, in the hope that our quality and service make up for the smaller production.


We have a butchery on the farm, where we honour old fashioned flavor. Great care is taken in cutting, hanging, ageing and packaging to our customers specific requirements and then delivered to some of the best known steakhouses and restaurants in Johannesburg and Durban.


Producing the best quality grass fed beef is our mission and passion. We trust you will appreciate and enjoy all of these good things when you prepare and taste our beef.