Established in 1969, Chalmar Beef has grown from feedlot into dynamic new concept in beef production. Today the trademark of Chalmar beef is known for superior quality, tenderness, and a satisfying taste experience. A superb culinary experience that has placed this unique company right at the top of the beef producing industry.

When its newly designed and built abattoir and de-boning facility opened for business in 2003, Chalmar Beef became fully integrated and was duly awarded the prestigious Abattoir of the Year Award by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Land Affairs (Gauteng).

Chalmar Beef have successfully won this award for the past 9 consecutive years, which is an unprecedented achievement in the beef industry.

With this facility, production of top quality beef is possible, with scrupulous hygiene conditions, humane handling of livestock, and unsurpassed service to customers given the highest priority.